journey from a guitarist to a composer

István Cseh Príma Award Winning composer and guitarist started to play the guitar at age 9. He studied classical guitar at Béla Bartók School of Music and Franz Liszt Academy of Music but as a teenager the crying sound of the electric guitar trapped him. He started to teach himself to play contemporary music.
In 2007 he received a scholarship from Berklee College of Music. Berklee was named the No. 1 music school in the world, according the Hollywood Reporter’s ranking of the top 10 music schools based on a survey of industry insiders. The Musical World opened up to him. He graduated from Berklee Magna Cum Laude and moved back to Hungary. In 2012 he received a Príma Award.

István Cseh Príma Award Winning composer and guitarist is one of the most versatile musicians in Hungary. He's main focus is composing and orchestrating music for a rock band orchestra and film but he also plays classical guitar shows, plays in musicals, participates in pop, rock and metal projects and finally he plays and arranges music for folk based projects.

Azara Productions

music & soul

Music composition and production for media and more by Berklee College of Music graduated, award winning composer István Cseh.

István Cseh Príma Award Winning composer-guitarist CEO of AZARA PRODUCTIONS graduated Magna Cum Laude from Berklee College of Music. He composes music for film, television, as well as for bands.

As a professional composer music for documentaries, advertisement, image film and other media have been written by him.

He compose music upon the clients concepts, but at the same time he creates a unique piece that matches with your expectations.




István Cseh Príma Award winning composer/guitarist dedicated this show for his own compositions. He uses string, woodwind and brass sections besides his rock band.
The show has the classical music’s intimacy and monumental soundscape still it has the energy and versatility of the contemporary music. The great orchestra and the spectacle view is a unique audio-visual experience for all ages.


István Cseh Príma Award winning composer/guitarist brings you to a journey around the world. He plays pieces by great composers like J. S. Bach, F. Tarrega, A. B. Mangore but one will hear his own compositions as well.
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István Cseh Príma Award Winning Composer/Guitarist

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